Transform your forms

The easiest way to convert existing forms into user-friendly forms that unlock workflows and enable efficiency.

Intelligent digital forms

Eliminate inefficient in-person or email-intensive procedures and simplify customer experiences with MW Converts.

Simplify Submission for Customers

When you post or send MW Converts forms, customer submissions go directly to the right recipient. No more printing, scanning, and attaching PDFs to emails.

Reduce Errors With Rules & Validation

Prevent missed fields by making specific fields required. Request or require file attachments during submission.

Improve Process Management

Manage and delegate tasks and approvals. Ensure no submissions are lost or missed. Search and access in-progress or archived submissions

Streamline Customer Interactions  

Rather than emailing five attachments with a long explanation, provide customers with one link to everything they need.

Replace messy form processes

Mistakes in submissions
Customer confusion & inconvenience
Dozens of back-and-forth emails
Paper-based or in-person interactions
Printing, scanning, and uploading to email
Chaotic tracking of outstanding work
"Please install Adobe Acrobat Reader Version..."
"Please don't forget to attach..."

with structure and simplicity

One click to submit
Keep track of submissions
Required fields & file attachments
Digital payments
Simple multi-form packages
Predictability & oversight
Delighted customers
Efficient team members

Create a single unified form library

Forms for HR. Forms for customers interactions. Forms for everything. MW Converts allows you to create a central hub for all those documents, processes, and data.

Post forms on your website

Posting a form on your website is as simple as adding a link. You choose who in your organization receives submissions, and that person may choose to either receive email notifications for each submission or manage their submissions in MW Converts.

MW Converts forms are fully web-based. That means no complicated downloading of files, handling of PDFs, or asking customers to install Adobe Reader.

Send forms by email

Add an individual form link to your own email or send an email from inside MW Converts. Your customer can follow the link to a secure web-based form where they can fill and submit.

Additionally, you can keep track of whether the link has been opened and see any partial progress the recipient has completed.

Build internal forms directories

Deliver digital services not only for public-facing forms, but also internal staff paperwork, vendor interactions, and exchanges with other stakeholders.

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