Give staff and citizens the power to save time

Create organization-wide value by implementing digital form processes across your municipality.

Reduce Walk-in Volume

Many citizens, given the choice, will elect to use digital self-serve options to interact with their municipality. This reduces the physical traffic through city hall and saves valuable staff time.

Spend less time on in-person interactions
Reduce staff-citizen contact
Improve access to services for all citizens

Increase Staff Efficiency

Speeding up form processes has a big impact on staff efficiency. With MW Converts, a single staff member can manage more processes more efficiently than was ever possible with paper.

Digitize form processes
Reduce staff time spent on incorrect submissions
Allow staff to work effectively from anywhere

Reduce Errors in Submissions

MW Converts allows you you to set fields as required so that the form cannot be submitted until it is complete. Digital submissions also reduce legibility errors and save staff time.

Reduce entry errors and missing fields
Reduce the need for clarification communications
Eliminate legibility and formatting issues

Improve Process Management

Advanced process management features make it easy to stay on top of submissions throughout their entire lifecycle. Collaborate across teams, delegate tasks, and stay organized.

Manage and delegate tasks and approvals
Ensure no submissions are lost or missed
Search and access in-progress or archived submissions

Accept Payments

Eliminate the frustration of manually processing payments. Easily add required payments to any form in MW Converts to collect fees by credit card. Optionally include a convenience fee to cover the cost of payment processing.

Bring Your Own Payment Provider

Integrate any current payment gateway used by your organization or set up an account with our preferred gateway, Stripe.

Intelligent Amounts
With Field Logic

Set a flat fee for a form OR use an intelligent fee that is based on form fields, selections, or advanced calculations.

eSignature Regulations

Legality and Enforceability of eSignature

eSignature is recognized as being just as legal and enforceable as ink signatures by most countries around the world. Read our eSignature whitepaper to learn the details.

Data Security

Security Standards

The security and reliability of MW Converts is protected through a variety of industry-standard practices including encryption in-transit and at-rest, automatic failover, geographically distributed network infrastructure, and advanced security and analytical tools.

Learn more about security standards >
Data Residency

All MW Converts users may choose to store their data in one of four zones:

United States
United Kingdom
European Union

Many countries have data residency laws requiring government data to be stored within their country. However, not all do. If your country is not represented in the above list, you should consult local data legislation.

Learn more about Data Residency >


WCAG 2.0 AA Compliance

The end-user experience for citizens completing forms is fully accessible, meeting WCAG 2.0 AA standards, which are commonly required for municipal and government websites.

Screen Reader Compatible
MW Converts has been optimized for and tested with screen readers to allow access for those with low or no eyesight.
Keyboard Controllable
The entire form completion process can be completed using only the keyboard, making it accessible for those with low dexterity and those with low or no eyesight.
High Contrast & Adjustable Fonts
MW Converts is compatible with high contrast modes on modern operating systems and allows for font sizes to be adjusted.
Mobility-Impaired Access

By removing the need for in-person interactions, MW Converts increases access to municipal services for mobility-impaired individuals, allowing them to interact with their municipality from home.

Make Your Forms Smarter


Collect legally binding eSignatures with ease.

Learn more about e-Signature regulations for municipalities


Require uploads of specific files with form submissions or include optional attachments for supporting information.

Required Fields

Never receive incomplete forms again.  Ensure that all required fields are completed before the form is submitted.

Field-Based Calculations

Implement Excel-like calculations between fields to perform operations, determine totals, and more.

Multi-Form Packages

Create packages of individual forms from your library.  Give citizens all the forms they need to complete in one place.

Save & Finish Later

Allow people filling your forms to save their progress and continue later with an emailed link.

Efficient Workflows & Collaboration Tools

Give staff the tools to process submissions more efficiently and make interdepartmental communication and approvals simpler.

Manage & Delegate
Tasks and Approvals

Stay organized with tools for tracking completion, delegation, and approval.

Intelligent Routing
of Submissions

Route form submissions to the correct staffperson for processing without any manual intervention.

Improve Remote Team Productivity

Help your remote workforce to be more efficient than ever when working from home.

Keep Detailed Records and Archived Data

Maintain long-term records securely in MW Converts.

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